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4u2 – The Invisible Potential of Harmony

4u2 considers groups of two regarding their harmony-potential.

A Special in the context of the European Football Championship now enables analysing teams as well. Because teams consist out of groups of two.

Using the example of the surprising Champions of the Premier League 2015/16, Leicester City F.C., GeheimRat produced different harmony-analysis on basis of this artistic-scientific research-work. http://4u2.GeheimRat.com


Within a special-offer during the European Football Championship 2016 in France it will be possible analysing other football-teams as well. You will receive for every team and every lineup 4 harmony-perspectives.

You can select between the following lead times and the later mentioned prices have to be multiplied with the specified factors.
→ Lead Time STANDARD (20 hours): Factor 1
→ Lead Time BRONZE (12 hours): Factor 1,3
→ Lead Time SILVER (6 hours): Factor 1,5
→ Lead Time GOLD (2 hours): Factor 3

Just choose your preferred constellation with a click on the respective lead time, add the names of the players and the team and your contact-details within the opening email and send the email to our hands. As some preparatory work has to be done with shorter lead times, an early announcement of your order intention will raise the likelihood, that the order can be accepted.

(1) Analysing 1 Team and 1 Lineup: €1.200,-

(2) Analysing 1 Team with 3 additional Lineups: €2.800,-

(3) Analysing 2 Teams with 1 Lineup each: €2.000,-

(4) Analysing 2 Teams with 3 additional Lineups each: €4.600,-

It is as well possible to do the analysing exclusively for you. The terms and conditions depend on the specific match, the choosen lead time and the length of exclusiveness and, it can be negotiated here.

And please contact us here if you will have other needs.

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